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D4P is our dynamic design consultancy that strives to understand the clients needs so as to provide specific tailor-made solutions. The basis of our success is a passion to create quality spaces that are not only enjoyable but also memorable. Varied work streams such as building & interior design, urban & public realm design together with master planning. We are adept at the various statutory processes and unlike conventional design firms, we work in a manner that suits our clients; both in terms of fees and project stages

Our property investment company Bright Whight Investments specialises in helping our clients to build profitable property portfolios. We do this in a unique way by purchasing properties to order, refurbishing them completely, moving in tenants and then offering the property to our client who is under no obligation to purchase the property. If you think that we can help you in any way, either in growing your property business, building a passive income through property investment, or perhaps in selling your property swiftly and easily then don’t hesitate to drop us a line, we are sure to have a local partner who can help you in your journey. We recognise that relationships are at the foundation of our success and so would love to hear from you.

Specialities: property investment, property sourcing, deal sourcing, architecture and planning

Also working with Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones is a not for profit organisation, working Nationally to help charities and other not for profit groups house their clients.

We have run our own charity helping refugees and asylum seekers to rebuild their lives for the last ten years. Despite our successes in helping this client group we recognised that providing safe housing was a significant gap in our services and hindering our clients from rebuilding their lives.

Mansfield Rd, Nottingham

Neil Kidby requested six week completion of his sale which is exactly what we did. It doesn’t get simpler than that!

Wilford Crescent East, Nottingham

John tanner received one of our leaflets and called to say that he wanted a swift sale of his house which was unmortgageable. We did the necessary works at our expense and then purchased his property swiftly despite potential delays from external agencies.

Victoria Rd, Nottingham

Lorraine Ellis and her husband were wanting to separate but couldn’t sell their property and so were unable to move on emotionally nor financially. They wanted to just sell and move on with their lives, which is exactly what we enabled them to do.

Meet some of The Frank Partnership's previous vendors

The Meadows, Nottingham

Stuart wanted to move into sheltered accommodation but couldn’t as his house was very run down and unmortgeable. We paid for a hotel for a month whilst we did the works and then purchased the house on the same day that Stuart moved into his new home.

Athorpe Grove, Nottingham

This vendor was moving in with her partner and just wanted a quick, simple sale. Luckily she received one of our leaflets and we provided exactly that!

Saltburn Rd, Nottingham

After receiving one of our leaflets this vendor called to ask how we could help him, we worked together and sure enough we came to a win-win solution.

Balfour Rd, Nottingham

What do you do when you're on the market for too long, you're fed up and ready to move on? Well Joyce called us and she couldn't be happier.

New Baseford, Nottingham

This vendor was being faced with repossession, she needed a swift and certain purchase, plus the guidance to work with the court to give us time to purchase the property. 

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